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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have a pre-interview process.  This process usually entails having a 10–15-minute conversation with Marlena or Marie beforehand to determine whether or not we are a good fit.

Once we determine we are a fit for each other, you will be given a link and directed to fill out the form on our website:  This form must be completed, reviewed, and received by the date that is indicated on the form.

 We will send you a Zoom link prior to the recording.  Typically, we ask guests to join in on zoom 15 minutes prior to recording. We will then go over any details or questions you might have.

The length of the actual interview is typically 20-30 minutes long depending on the amount of content.

No. The purpose of the interview is to bring valuable content to our listeners. You can, however, describe the things you provide and direct the listeners to your website.

It will take about a week to have the final editing done on the recording. You will receive a link to the recording. The recording will be posted on The Boomer Solution website along with the description and contact information you have provided.

Sure!  Everyone benefits when we can help each other get the word out.